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Foundation Repair Greenville, TX
These types of repairs are not necessarily common. We do have to admit that at times some foundation or concrete repair companies will jump the gun on slab repair procedures. That being said, there are things that you are probably going to need to think about when you are choosing to repair or replace a slab. If you have fixed some of the cracks several times and they tend to keep forming in the exact same spot there is a problem there that can’t be ignored. At the same time, just a couple of cracks don’t necessarily have to lead to a major repair. As you can see there is a very fine line here.

Assessing The Damages

As we have said, it has become sort of natural to see colleagues jumping the gun on these services. If we had to label our approach we would say that we like to be a bit more conservative. What we are going to want to do is provide a full inspection of the area and then we will recommend the next steps in the process. Sometimes where are going to say that sealing off some of the cracks is going to be enough other times we may suggest that replacing the slab is the best idea.

Improper Installation

One of the best ways to be able to avoid these issues is to make sure that you are going through a good installation process. That is easier said than done a lot of times though. To be honest the main reason why installation processes’ tend to fail is that the company you hired did not have the equipment or the experience to prepare the ground properly before laying down the concrete. Of course, if you are looking at this page you may already have a problem on your hands, but it can be avoided.

Spotting The Problem

When we talked about this in our pier and beam section we mentioned that a lot of times you can basically see how your floors are beginning to sink. We could make the argument that with this type of foundation it is not going to be as easy. Still, some of the signs that can help spot a problem are going to be very similar. Maybe you won’t be able to see the floors sort of sink. Maybe what you will see is your floors getting for fragile or even cracking. The same thing goes for your walls and even doors.

Can You Do A Full Repair?

The quick answer would be to say yes. For the most part, though we are going to be repairing certain parts at a time and if we are honest about it, it is not going to be likely that you are going to need a type of repair that is going to see us have to just replace everything. There are some major repairs though where we are going to need hydraulic help and we can certainly get that done. We can also help you to repair pier beam.
Foundation Repair Greenville, TX
Foundation Repair Greenville, TX

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