​​Pier and Beam Repair

Foundation Repair Greenville, TX
Although concrete slab foundations tend to be the norm these days if we are dealing with a house that is built on uneven terrain a pier and beam foundation is still going to be a good option. Over time though it is not uncommon to have these types of foundations wear down. If we had to say which type of foundations you need to keep an eye on the most we would say that these types of foundations would be it. The reason why we are talking about keeping an eye out for these types of foundations is that if the piers loose strength everything can come tumbling down.

Don’t Miss The Signs

With any type of foundation issue the best thing that you can do attack the situation quickly. If you allow a problem to develop a small situation that could potentially be handled quickly can turn into a major problem. Needless to say, that is not something that anyone is looking for. The best way to spot issues on these types of foundations is to regularly check your crawl space. If you are seeing a lot of moisture this could bring many problems down the line that I believe we are looking to avoid. If your floors look like they are sinking then you have a problem on your hands.

What We Are Going To Do

There are different ways to repair these types of foundations. One of the more common ways to do so is to reinforce the piers with steel bars. Since a lot of times, we are not going to want to remove the entire foundation and basically set up a new one. That is usually not going to be considered an effective way to handle things. This is just basically one of the options though that we have.

What Is The Cost Going To Be?

Obviously, the costs of our services are not going to be based on a fixed rate. What we mean when we say that is, we are not just going to say pier and beam costs this, and slab repairs cost this much. The cost is going to be determined by the size of the project itself. What we can tell you is that the cost is not going to be as excessive as most people would believe. For something that is as crucial to a home as this, it is actually not that expensive at all.

Can I Get My Insurance To Cover It?

Over the years we have worked with many different insurance companies to provide all sorts of solutions for our clients. The ultimate answer to the question is going to be more in your insurance company’s court than ours of course. We are going to try and do our very best though to make sure that we can work things out with your insurance company. Even the fact that we are not usually quick to want to start tearing things down helps in this regard. We can also help you to repair your drainage.
Foundation Repair Greenville, TX
Foundation Repair Greenville, TX

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